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Hey, KU fans. It's finally the first Friday of September and the first Friday of the 2023 football season, so to celebrate we figured now was as good a time as any to bring you the first Wave the Wheat weekly newsletter.

In it, you'll find links and recaps of some of the most interesting stories about KU athletes that we published in the past week. Some you might've already seen. And others you might've missed. Either way, give it a look and see what draws you in!

And here's the good news: You'll be able to find this list every Friday from here on out. Well, the links and stories will change, but you get the idea.

Enough about what's coming, though. Let's get right to the week that was with Wave the Wheat and KU athletes so you still have to time to read them before tonight's KU football kickoff.

#5 - Why KU's swimming's new locker room is more than just fresh paint

Renovations and a fresh new vision for the program are not limited to Kansas football. Come take a tour of the Jayhawks' new swimming and diving locker room and find out why the recent upgrade means more to the KU swimmers and divers than just getting a nicer, newer space.

#4 - How Kansas football found time to prioritize 500 hours of public service

With nearly every player contributing during a 7-week period, the Kansas football program logged 500 hours of community outreach efforts this summer. That included one KU quarterback reading a book to youngsters that had just about everyone in the program in stitches.

#3 - Projecting the win-loss record for KU football in 2023

Hopes are high and expectations may be even higher. Beyond that, this Kansas football team is a confident bunch. Now, the question is can the Jayhawks take another step forward and capitalize on the momentum gained from last year's 6-win season and first bowl appearance in 14 years. Here's one prediction, including a game-by-game glimpse at how the season will play out.

#2 - An inside look at the Jayhawks pitching plays to their OC

During preseason camp, Kansas offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki opened his door and his mind to KU's offensive players gave them a shot at bringing their best plays to the playbook. Wave the Wheat was in the room when the KU running backs & wide receivers pitched their coordinator and we captured the back-and-forth banter of ideas bouncing off the white board and into KU's playbook.

#1 - Camryn Turner: An artist, a prophet & an All-American?

It's been a wild two years for the KU volleyball setter from Topeka, who came to Kansas to live out a dream and without a single other Division I offer. Hard work, pure love of the game and a little faith turned her into a star and now she's ready to take her game and the Jayhawks to another level.

Get this newsletter in your inbox every Friday. Available to free and paid subscribers. Hit the "subscribe" button and sign-up today!