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Weekly Top 5: KU makes history on the links

KU's women’s golf team made historic strides, setting a school record, while standout performances illuminated Jayhawk sports this week.

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I’m a sucker for historic achievements in sports. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chasing the all-time home-run record! Tiger Woods dominating at the 2000 U.S. Open! The Miracle on Ice, for crying out loud!

The KU women’s golf team made their own recent history. It’s a feat that includes 50 Cent and Nelly. “There was a lot of waving the wheat going on out there and we could see it,” junior Jordan Rothman told R1S1. “So, I think we all knew we were having a good round.” More on the team’s historic feat below.

This is Wave the Wheat, and here are 5 Things You Missed This Week.

#5 — ‘Always power’

That’s London Davis’ philosophy when she steps on the volleyball court. What does it mean, exactly? Simply put: She wants to make life as miserable as possible for her opponent.

#4 — 100 & counting

KU wideout Luke Grimm has done what only 15 others in Jayhawk history have ever accomplished: catch more than 100 passes in their career. Grimm has been compared to former Dallas Cowboy Cole Beasley, a fellow slot receiver who also wore No. 11. Offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki thinks Grimm might be even better: “You can move and groove him.” Someone grab the disco ball, ‘cause we’re ready to boogie.

#3 — Between the ears

Jacob Delgado-Carpio’s profile on KU goalkeeper Melania Pasar, whose sharpened mental approach is leading the surging Jayhawks, is a great read. Fun fact: Pasar nearly went straight to the pros before her parents pushed her to first get a degree. A determined coaching staff helped bring her to Lawrence. Through KU’s first eight games this season, Pasar has recorded not one, not two, but three shutouts.

#2 — Brotherly bond

Christian and Parker Braun share a unique bond that goes beyond their brotherhood. Both are tied to the KU men’s basketball team: Christian, a two-year starter who won a national championship in 2022; and Parker, a transfer who’s finding his place on the team. Both have similar styles of play: strong and athletic with high IQs, but coach Bill Self says they share their differences: “I think the one thing about (Christian) is he has an inner-aggressiveness to him that Parker’s not consistent with having.” Point CB.

#1 — History unlocked

It’s gettin’ hot in here. The Jayhawks women’s golf team set a school record for the lowest round recorded in program history. And as our Matt Tait points out: it nearly didn’t happen.

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