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Weekly Top 5: The best KU stories you might've missed this week

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Hey KU fans. Don't get used to this, but we're now just hours away from a second consecutive KU football kickoff on a Friday.

From here on out, college football in Lawrence will return to its rightful place on Saturdays, but, until then, you'll have to share your Wave the Wheat recap time with a KU kickoff. Don't worry: If you start early enough, you've got plenty of time to read all of it.

So, in case you missed any of it, here's a look back at another week that was with Wave the Wheat and KU athletes, covering stories from football, soccer and volleyball, with many more on the way.

#5 - Lessons, stories & top moments with Mark Francis

On Thursday night, KU soccer's Mark Francis coached his 500th game with the program during a 25-year career in charge. His current players weren't with him for all of those, of course, but they still racked up quite a few memorable moments Francis during their time in the program. Here's a look at some of their favorites involving their head coach and his memorable milestone.

#4 - Jayhawks' react to the team's new black uniforms

It's Blackhawk night for Game 2 of the Kansas football season on Friday night against Illinois — 6:30 p.m. on ESPN2 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium — and that means all-black uniforms for the Jayhawks. Hear what the players had to say about their new gear ahead of kickoff.

#3 - Follow the path of 2 new Jayhawks to a reunion at Kansas

They were rivals during their club volleyball days in high school back in Texas and then became teammates in college. An early transfer made them rivals again and now they're playing out their college careers as teammates at KU. Here's more about that journey and the fun friendship between Mykayla Myers and Reagan Cooper.

#2 - From playing with the boys to leading the girls

Kansas soccer forward Shira Elinav's first experience in soccer came while growing up in Israel, where she played with whatever boys teams would allow her to join. She never could've thought then that she'd be playing and leading the offense at KU one day, but here she is and she's loving every second.

#1 - Kwinton Lassiter's big moment generations in the making

After watching his brother Kwamie II star at KU before him and hearing stories about his late father, Kwamie's, glory days with the Jayhawks in the 1990s, KU cornerback Kwinton Lassiter was eager to make his mark on the program. That opportunity came during the Jayhawks' season opener and his big moment came with an even bigger celebration.

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